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GEPACAR SRL is specialised in the production and sale of trailers: our production includes a wide range of trailers for the transport of goods, boats, cars, motorbikes, quads, animals, horses, and special equipment of various kinds for the Civil Defence, army, catering and distribution, etc.

The whole production is carried out with technology and an advanced manufacturing process according to EEC standards, with a constant evolution in terms of technology, design and safety.

Always attentive to the needs of their prospective customers, the company Staff is constantly engaged in the search of innovative solutions, quality materials and modern features. It uses reliable and certified vendors to ensure our products have the most sophisticated techniques and highest quality.

GEPACAR SRL is always on the cutting edge. It is a dynamic and prompt in meeting the needs of the market.

With its own brand, NOVATECNO has for over 30 years in its sector been synonymous with professionalism, technical expertise and excellent quality/price ratio. These have ensured a presence throughout the national territory thanks to a structured network of dealers and increasing successful operations, even in foreign markets.

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