• Rimorchi per trasporto cose

    Innovative trailers, practical, versatile and compact, ideal for a variety of load requirements.

  • Versioni speciali di rimorchi

    Modern lines, galvanized fittings and chassis, aluminium frame

  • Rimorchi ribaltabili

    Born to work and also ideal for hobbies: robust, practical and multi-functional!

  • Lots of custom settings to be adjusted as desired

    High-performance design, low-framed chassis and independent suspension: maximum comfort for your horse.

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Trailers for transporting things
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Trailers for transporting things

Innovative trailers with modern and compact features.
Practical, versatile and compact, ideal for a variety of load requirements.

Trailers for transporting things
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Trailers for transporting horses

Lightweight, easy to handle, easy to use and maintain. Our models can be towed by the majority of users. The integrated chassis system provides excellent stability for towing.

Trailers for transporting things
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Trailers for sporting activities

Modern and compact features, galvanised steel frame, sturdy 'T' shaft, complete with wheel bearing. ALKO torsion bar axles, high visibility lights - EEC standards

Manufacture and sale of trailers and truck carriages.

Operational for more than thirty years in the manufacture and sale of trailers, GEPACAR offers a huge selection for every need. Our entire production is carried out to strict monitoring standards to ensure that every trailer meets high quality standards.

There are numerous types of trailers, each one with different characteristics according to the transport requirements. The following is a list of the different types that our company has on offer:

  • Trailers for transporting things or various materials. For example, wood, boxes, aggregates, etc. are all made with at least one side opening and a galvanised chassis. They are also available with climbing ramps for those who need to carry quad bikes or specific equipment
  • Trailers for motorbikes, featuring the appropriate chassis lanes
  • Trailers for the transport of cars or vehicles in general, fitted with floor load tilting
  • Trailers for the transport of animals, manufactured to make transportation more comfortable
  • Trailers for boats. Designed not to oxidise, fitted with chassis and rear tilting transom for comfortably and easily loading and unloading your boat..
Our entire range is offered with torsion bar suspension on rubber with independent wheels. We made this choice because it's the best for road holding as well as the high load resistance. Furthermore, not much maintenance is required.

If you need to buy a trailer of any kind come and visit us, professionalism and experience are at your disposal. You can find us in Campodarsego, Padua.

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